About me

About me

Hi, my name is Leszek.

I would like to share with you my experiences related to running.
Running is great way to achieve lower levels of body fat and improved physical appearance – weight loss, increasing vitality, motivation and mood improvement in everyday life.

about_me fat-man1Last year before I started to train walking and than running – my weight was more than 100 kg (more than 222 pounds). My BMI index was 29 – that means I was overweight. Additionally I was overloaded at work and destroyed by stress.
Now I can control my stress level, and I lose weight every day.



About me – how to I started

about me business-run-2015
Me – Warsaw Business Run

In September 2015 I moved a little bit my body. My colleagues from the office asked me to take a part in some run competition.
I agreed, and I have started to train. It was not hard training – some fast walk and some slow run.
I took a part in Warsaw Business Run – it was run for five persons teams – as I remember, everybody ran around 4 km. I thought, that I die, but I finished this competition – I won with my weakness.


In may 2016 I have increased the intensity of workouts, I began to control heart rate and consumption of calories.
Resultst? Results came very fast – I began to rapidly lose the weight – – now my weight is 88 kg (around 194 pounds).

about me endomondo-statistics-1

How to run to lose weight? Losing weight by running is the most efficient type of training – but you should know how to make it properly. I have started to learn about this topic, and I want to share with you. Of course I am not proffesional guy, but I am sure that you can use my expirience.

If you have any problems with your health, please go to the doctor to check your ability and ask him for advice what kind of activity you can do.

Of course do not trust to miracle like pills and very fast lose weight methods – to change our shape we need to work. It doesn’t work for sure.

Please take look to page which include some important definition.

Of course, please do not hesitate and contact me:

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