BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw 2017

Quite recently, another cross-country event organized on the right Vistula side took place in Warsaw in Praha District. This event sponsored by BMW was organized in a slightly different way than in previous years.

BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw 2017 - start pack
BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw 2017 – start pack

What changed in BMW Half Marathon this year?

The most important change was the start time. In previous years such events took place in the morning and ended around noon. Last year the BMW Half Marathon took a part in the heat, which resulted in the fact that some of them were not able to finish the competition, and running at 30 degrees Celsius was not very comfortable. Personally, I was ready to work in difficult conditions a year ago. Finally I ran the half marathon without any troubles, but I saw how many people were unable to continue the challenge after running 10 or 15 kilometers.

This year in 02. September 2017 BMW Half Marathon took place at the evening. The start was at 20:30. Immediately after the start of the half marathon, at 21:00 another competition started. It was 5 kilometers run -called- “Prague five 4F”.

Start numbers and medals
Start numbers and medals. BMW Halfmarathon and Prague five 4F

Running late evening was a very good idea. The conditions in which we ran were very good from the runner’s point of view. The air temperature was perfect. For safety reasons the organizer provided the runners with a lamp on the shoulder.

BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw 2017 Finish Line
BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw 2017 Finish Line (I am on the left)
Finish line
Finish line

Preparation for the BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw

For more than three months I am preparing for the PZU Marathon, which will take place on the next Sunday – 24.09.2017. The training plan I consistently implemented allowed me to complete the BMW Half Marathon in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Comparing this score to the previous half marathons, I beat my personal record by about 14 minutes  (Last year my result in BMW Half Marathon was 2h: 03min: 56sec.). I can say that since my studies I have not such good condition and endurance. I feel progress every week and every month.

After finish line
After finish line
Don't forget about stretching
Don’t forget about stretching

The past event allowed me to be more confident of completing the nearest PZU Marathon. This will be my first marathon, so cheer me up as you can. Of course, I invite you to cheer for the next Sunday – start at 9:00.

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