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In nature, nothing is lost – you deliver to your body more food than you need – your body stores it different parts of the body.

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What is negative energy balance? here is an answer

If you want to lose weight, the basis is to keep the negative energy balance.

You must consume more calories than your body needs. Then, our wise body reaches a shortage of calories stored in fat tissue, which causes to burn it. There’s no great philosophy or rocket sience:


deliver more calories than you burn -> you became fatter,

burn more calories than you eat -> you lose the weight.

Summarized, weight loss depends on the balance between energy  burned and delivered. The foundation is to keep the negative energy balance – deliver less fuel, than your body needs.

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We can use some apps to control our energy balance – there are a lot of on the app market, but personally I use Endomondo and My Fintess Pal.