Limitations are in our head

Holidays at last

Holidays at last
Holidays at last

A week ago I started my holidays – at last. I was tired of work and late night and it was hard for me to recover myself I couldn’t sleep or I had slept very bad. Finally I have started my desired holidays and I began to rest.


Preparations for the Marathon still in progress, despite of the holidays.

Staying on vacation has not become a training excuse – I can say more, because I am rested and rested, workouts began to be more efficient and much less tiring.

But what about this holiday – where, what, how ???

The first part of the holiday is a week in Amsterdam – whether it’s a beautiful, historic city that fits into the running lifestyle – I can say yes – it fits incredibly well.

Running in Amsterdamse Bos
Running in Amsterdamse Bos

On the first day after reaching our apartment I started twenty-two kilometers running workout. It happened that the apartment where we were staying was very close to the huge Amsterdamse Bos park – a place that is ideal for active recreation and various training sessions.

Parkour in Amsterdamse Bos
Parkour in Amsterdamse Bos

If you run, ride a horse, walk, you want to workout in an open-air gym, parkour, this place is created for you.

Actually Amsterdam itself is not a big city, so everywhere you can reach on foot – our apartment was about five kilometers to the city center boundaries.

Sightseeing Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds Museum - Ed Sheeran
Madame Tussauds Museum – Ed Sheeran

Being in this beautiful city, I did not focus only on training, of course – the main purpose was to visit and of course visit the most interesting museums. Something for the body, something for the soul. Interestingly walking around the city we did about 15 kilometers on foot – of course not every day (we also used public transport J)

Madame Tussauds Museum - David Beckham
Madame Tussauds Museum – David Beckham


Our tour began with the Madame Tousand Wax Figures Museum. The next day we visited the canals on a cruise ship. We met a few hundred years old town from the inside – we learned a lot of interesting things.

The following days also belonged to the museum – my wife did not forgive Van Gogh Museum – she was right – to be here and not see the famous “Sunflowers” or “Potato Eaters” – it would be unforgivable mistake.

Marine Museum - Galleon of the Dutch East India Company
Marine Museum – Galleon of the Dutch East India Company
Marine Museum - galleon - kabestan
Marine Museum – galleon – kabestan

Then we went to the Maritime Museum where, in my opinion, the main attraction was a replica of a 17th century merchant galleon, where you could learn all the elements of the life of the old sailors.

Outside of the museums we have walked the entire old town, and of course not visited the famous “Red light district”J

Limitations are in our head

On the last day of my stay – on Sunday 13th August my next long-distance training came out. According to the running schedule in Endomondo, those day I had 26 km.

Rijks Museum
Rijks Museum

After intensive warm-up I started – the first kilometers passed no one knows when. I started at eight in the morning. The city looked deserted – almost no one was in the streets. I went to the Main Railway Station – and unfortunately for less than nine kilometers, my phone hanged and Endomondo stopped to work. I quickly came up with the idea that I could start the app again and begin training again – only that I would have to do about 35 kilometers. It seemed to me unattainable, because the longest distance I had traveled was a little over 26 kilometers – and here I thought about a stretch of 9 kilometers longer.

Bridge on the channel
Bridge on the channel

I turned on Endomondo again and I started training from the beginning and started running along the canals. On the streets was so empty and quiet that more than 400 years old houses completely absorbed my attention. I stopped concentrating completely on the run. I don’t even know when another 20 kilometers have passed.

The sleepy city of Saturday’s parties, the smell of “marihuana” coming out of the alleyways, the cafes opening up and the beautiful, sunny weather engulfed me completely. My home was about six miles away – I ran there without any trouble, without some total fatigue.

Endomondo - running route
Limitations are in our head – Endomondo – running route

On that day I ran almost 35 kilometers, and I felt better than after twenty-two kilometers on the previous Sunday. I guess I understood that the limitations are in my head – the mind is doing miracles – focusing on other things completely led to the fact that without any problems I ran a significant distance.

Finally, a brief summary of the past eight days in Amsterdam:

I ran 71.6 kilometers

and traveled 41.80 kilometers

I burned during the stay 10 617 kcal

In conclusion – the trip went very well in terms of tourism and sports. With a clear conscience I can recommend this destination for every active person.

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