Marathon – next stage to pass

Last week I went out for a jogging at the evening. As usual, I had to move, because I needed fresh air, and I felt a little bit overstressed those days.

At first I ran five kilometers with my wife. She recently decided to make a little bit of a more sporty lifestyle 🙂 . After this stage, I did not feel too much tired and my legs were still ok, I thought that I could do a little bit more distance. I ran lightly. Numerous flowers and other plants smelled amazing – even though it was actually the center of the city.

Marathon - next stage to pass - decision taken
Marathon – next stage to pass – decision taken

After the first five, I ran along the Vistula River – toward the Vistula Boulevards and then to the Poniatowski Bridge. Running around the boulevards around midnight I came across an amazing, party atmosphere – lots of people relaxing with music and a beer.
I ran to the Poniatowski Bridge and I realized that it was 15 km away from me. Immediately after that I was already at “de Gaulle Square” and I headed south to the park of the Royal Baths. After another 10 kilometers I came home.
Finally I ran 26 kilometers and I realized that only 16 more, and I could make Marathon distance.

Marathon – next stage to pass – decision taken

That day I also decided to take part in the September Marathon in Warsaw. I have a lot of time to prepare, but the condition is that I have to lengthen my running trainings, to get used to the long distance.

Returning a bit to the history of my sports activities, I remember how last year I struggled with the 10 kilometers in the spring. Then I thought that at my age and with my physical parameters, I would never run a Marathon. A year ago I did not believe that I would win this decision, but after more than year of trainings, I feel that I am ready for harder competition. I am convinced that it will not be difficult.

Of course, I will keep you updated on my progress in preparation to Marathon here on my blog.  I will put some more posts on Facebook page, – please like my Facebook page, and comment my articles.

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