Marathon training – first two weeks


I recently wrote about my idea of taking part in the Warsaw PZU Marathon and my ambitious training plans. Of course, all plans are very cool, but the point of the program is – its implementation.

One of the important issues for me is my concern that will I be able to prepare. Since I made decission of participation, three months have elapsed. I started trainings from long run for 18 kilometers, then there were some lighter exercises and some intervals. Then again 18 kilometers, some lighter gears, and past Wednesday I made Cooper test (test of 12 minutes). Finally, two weeks have passed – and I can say – I have not wasted any time at all, and I am very proud of it!

Cooper test July 2017 - my results: 2,65km/12min
Cooper test July 2017 – my results: 2,65km/12min

I also noticed the fact that my body is getting used to a lot of effort.
After the first week I felt very tired, while the second week went pretty smoothly, despite the heavy workouts for me.

Marathon training – summary of past two weeks

In summary, the past two weeks, I can say that both physically and mentally I am increasingly ready to participate in the Marathon. In addition, I noticed that training with a personal trainer and participating in open training with the Spartan Race Training Group Warsaw gives measurable benefits in terms of strength gain and endurance.

Here are some tables from Endomondo that illustrate my past struggles with the preparations for the marathon.

Preparation to the Marathon - first 2 weeks closed
Preparation to the Marathon – first 2 weeks closed
2 weeks closed - summary - calories
2 weeks closed – summary – calories

Over the past two weeks (not counting the first run in the training schedule) I have already run 86.5 km and burned more than 12,000 kcal (all disciplines).





2 weeks closed - summary - distance
2 weeks closed – summary – distance

By the way, I would like to summarize June 2017 – I will say frankly that at that time I rather not idle, but I am sure that July will be much more dynamic.

Summary June 2017
Summary June 2017

In June:
I ran: 150 km
and I walked: 15.78 km
I burned calories: 20 434.

My new challenge has given me a lot of energy – and nice weather is additional motivation.

And how does it look to you? I invite you to the discussion 🙂

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