Marathon training plan

In the previous article, I wrote quite euphorically of my idea of taking part in a marathon. So a marathon for a rookie that is a challenge. Running a little bit is not enough. Enthusiasm can quickly pass, and the course may result in a failure or a worse injury.

My previous article posted on Facebook, met with comments, in which the readers gave me some advice. These comments made me start to look pragmatically at my new challenge. The fact that I ran 26 kilometers without major problems does not mean that the next 16 kilometers will be easy – from what I know from friends, just then the issues begin.

As usual, I started to get into the subject and I found out that I would not be able to do marathon without a training plan. I’m not thinking of a professional plan supervised by a super coach. I think more about a simple solution, like app, which will firstly help me to build body strength and, secondly, I will be motivated enough not to skip my planned training.

An additional obstacle is that the PZU Warsaw Marathon was only 90 days old, and many people said that it was difficult to prepare for the marathon in three months, but hey! Everybody has forgotten that I have been training for almost a year and a half. So I decided that three months, maybe a little, but it should be enough.

Marathon training plan, where to get it?

Well, let’s just go to the plan. Where to get it? Fortunately, help comes from the technique. Some time ago, I used to plan workouts in Endomondo (a feature available only in premium but average $ 3 per month at annual fee).

Yesterday I run the www portal of Endomondo on my computer and started planning. The built-in scheduling mechanism asked me which target I should choose and then suggested that when planning to rely on my previous results from the training database.

Well, and the issues began, because the suggested form of training does not provide a period of three months, but almost four. I went through all the available training plans and only the most advanced allowed me to shorten the plan to three months – that is 24.09.2017r. Except that this plan foresees five workouts a week, and I would rather have four.

Below I’ve pasted how my plan looks like assembled for the next three months. What is important, the plan includes Cooper test (12 minutes) twice, which results in a modification of the plan.


Marathon trainig plan June-July
Marathon training plan – June-July
Marathon trainig plan August-September
Marathon training plan – August-September

In addition, each workout is described in terms of performance and how it affects our body.

Marathon trainig plan - training hints
Marathon training plan – training hints

And at the end …

I have no experience in the preparation of such a hard sports event, so I like your comments and advices. Good tips on both diet and exercise obviously welcome 🙂 – thank you in advance!!

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