Marine Commando Course Race. A completely different kind of OCR.

The fact that I am preparing for the September Warsaw marathon I have already been written several times. What my training looks like, how much I run and what I train besides running you already know. But you still do not know what was born in my head some time ago.
Preparing for the “royal distance” is one thing. The other is that in addition to the marathon, I will be participating in various obstacle course races in the near future. Actually, looking at my calendar, it is quite full until the end of October.
But what did I come up with?
Actually not me, but my friend Slawek… but what did he come up with? Actually he come up with a new challenge …

Marine Commando Course Race – a new challenge thrown

… How did it start? It has started in Messenger by this way (in 25th of June):

Slawek writes: “I have just sign up to the Marine Commando course race, Historic Hardcore, 21 km,
Stop thinking about “Runmageddons“. Just sign up to Commando OCR?
Such a challenge, start time 4:30, August 26, 5 kg on the backpack + dummy gun + helmet …
I believe that you will accept the challenge ??? ”
And he attached a link to the movie

My: “I’m almost convinced. I just have to embrace it organizationally, because this will be the end of my vacation. ”

… and I signed up.

Fortunately, the marathon workouts do not interfere very much with training to run the Commando OCR, so my plans were not in any way thwarted, and even my training was varied.
A month ago I bought the right equipment in the form of a uniform:
BDU – Battle Dress Uniform – woodland version and tactical shoes.

What exactly is this Marine Commando Course Race?

This is probably the most difficult obstacle course race, where participants have to run 21 kilometers in full uniform (battle uniforms, tactical boots, helmet, dummy rifle, backpack with a load of 5kg). During the course of the race you will be able to overcome obstacles course and other obstacles, such as channels and tunnels where you will have to crawl. The sea section will consist of passing through the sea to the neck in water.

Workouts in uniform – preparation

In July and August this year I was in the north of Poland – in Tucholski Forest, where I could train in deep forests.
The first training in uniform and heavy boots ended with rubbing my legs. The factor that caused the rubbing of my feet was new shoes and ski socks. I should know that it is much better to use socks for trekking. Well, I have to pay for my own mistakes.
The next workouts were much easier – firstly I got used to the load, and secondly the shoes did not hurt my legs at all.

Marine Commando Course Race - training in military course
Marine Commando Course Race – training in military course

Almost ready

Last Sunday Slawek and I did a very hard workout together. Why is it very heavy? And for the fact that it was in full gear – we just missed a helmet and a rifle (which we get before running from the organizers). But there were plenty of obstacles and very bad weather. Already after a few kilometers we were completely wet, including shoes.

Marine Commando Course Race - training with Sławek
Marine Commando Course Race – training with Sławek

Our training began with the obstacle course at WAT (Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw). Then after about a kilometer we passed another obstacle course. I will honestly say that it was not easy. In normal clothes to overcome such a track is not straight, and in full gear – is at least hard.

BMK training with Sławek - course area
BMK training with Sławek – course area

During the training a funny story has occurred. When we ran past the shooting range where shooting was taking place, I suddenly tripped over a root and fell to the ground. After I stand up, Slawek said with a big smile, “I thought that they shot you.”

Exercises threaten with loss of life or disability; Entry prohibited - fitness center
Exercises threaten with loss of life or disability;
Entry prohibited – fitness center

We ran that day about 22 kilometers. Thanks to that we confirmed that we will complete the race and we will fit in the time limit, which is 4.5 hours.



More impressions I will describe after the race.
Whish us luck please. The event will start in a few dozen hours.

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