Monthly training overview – May 2017


After a slight neglect of my sports activity in the first half of the year, I began to put more emphasis on the effectiveness of my trainings. May 2017 was just this breakthrough month, where time spent on training has increased significantly compared to previous months.

Monthly training overview – May 2017

I start from the beginning of the month. In May holydays I participated in Mountain Runmageddon, which was really exhausted – that was third race of this event. On the first day of May 2017 I participated in Runmageddon Hardcore – the mountain half marathon with 70 obstacles.

It was hard time for me. My body, despite of one year of work on fitness and endurance, wasn’t ready for difficult competitions.

After Runmageddon I didn’t make too many breaks and I immediately increased the frequency of workouts. I’ve added weekly training sessions with a very good personal trainer. After every workout, it hurts me for at least two days – but I feel that from training to training, my endurance and strength is increasing. About the personal training and Fit Elite club I started to walk in, I will write more in one of the following articles.

Monthly training overview - May 2017
Monthly training overview – May 2017

In addition to the standard running workouts, I also took part in open trainings organized by Spartan Race Traninig Group Warsaw. The training was very cool itself. How it looked, I described here.

At the end of May I took part in another Runmageddon – this time there was the Classic edition – with a nominal distance of 12 km (in fact, based on GPS over 14 km). This event I finished in a high position, which confirmed that the May training was very effective and it gave me a lot.

In conclusion – May was a very interesting month in terms of sports. My progress in strength and power was significant, as I could see on latest Runmageddon.

Data from May 2017

I ran 126.55 km

and I walked 17.62 km

I burned calories: 20 684 kcal

Including circuit training and crossfit: 3264 kcal

Monthly training overview - distance - May 2017
Monthly training overview – distance – May 2017
Monthly training overview - calories - May 2017
Monthly training overview – calories – May 2017

My weight is on a similar level of 85 kilos (now 84.7 km) and the BMI is below 25 (24.8)

Every lost kilogram causes us to carry less.

Weight loss status - May 2017
Weight loss status – May 2017

Finally, register your results. It’s good to compare your progress over time – it really motivates you.

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