Motivation for trainings – seven tips how to find it and keep it

How do I motivate?

If you start something, do you have enough power and motivation do do it? Or maybe you have no power to start at all ?
If so, then I think this article below can help you. It applies to running, but certainly these councils could help in other sports and activities.

Maybe  I should do something with my life?

Our lifestyle, eating habits, stress, discouragement, burnout causes that we do not have neither the inclination nor the power to any activity. We turn in a circle like: work, home, television, food, computer. Sometimes there is a reflection in the head – life so quickly flows, but with me is getting worse.

And what? I begin thinking – oh if I lost weight a little bit, it would be cool. Maybe I should go to a gym, or maybe I need to leave the house, take a walk, jog?

What’s next? We buy a ticket or go out from the house… and we start – the first week ends badly – shortness of breath, pain in muscles and joints. Another reflection – is bad but I have to try on. Next Week – it is further bad. I stand on the weight scales and I can not believe it – two weeks of effort, and almost no effect.

The most common reasons for the loss of motivation at the beginning

If you want to achieve something – do not give up! Nothing can be done without effort and without motivation.

Start training with your head – if something causes you can not go on do an analysis of what causes discouragement:

Shortness of breath

You have lack of air, even after a quick walk (not to mention running)? This means that it was not time for the intense effort. Your body is not yet ready for it.
Start by walking long enough to have a good oxygenate and little to stimulate the metabolism and smarten muscles and joints. Remember, extend each subsequent walk lengthen a few or several minutes. As you are ready, start gentle running intermittent walk (About how to begin I will write next article).

Sore feet, calves and knees

The pain can have various causes – so you should go for a consultation to a doctor who will verify whether the activity does not threaten our health.
However, the most ache occurs because of:

  • Inappropriate shoes not designed for the substrate and our anatomy
  • Too intense training without interruption for regeneratio
  • Lack of proper running technique.

My beginnings were also paid for sore legs – I had to buy proper footwear and I started to use the warm-up at the begining and cooling down with stretching at the end including calf stretching.
After harder training I did wraps legs of ice and smearing them with the ointment for athletes.

The physical aspects are not everything. Limitations are born in our head. The worst is a flash in the pan. At the beginning of the euphoria and start full of optimism – and after a few days we already do not want to.

So we really need to motivate until we become addicted to our activities. This state is very good, because even as we do not want to subconsciously we feel that we have to leave the house for a workout.

Motvation for running
Thousands motivated people

How to survive until we become addicted to our activities:

1. Set a goal

Specialists from sports psychology mention three types of objectives:

Target = result – such as the time in which running a route during the running event in relation to the time of our colleagues. We just want be better.

Objective of execution – eg. maintain the running speed by the whole of distance. Then our attention is entirely focused on this parameter.

Objective of the process – eg. Training, placement and execution in line with our assumptions. For example: my training is 7 km. The first two kilometers and the last two kilometers I walk fast. However, in the middle of the gear it is -3 km of running.

What goal to set at the beginning

Personaly I chose the objectives of: I have to finish this race, I have run four kilometers continously. Then I set a more complex goals – such as interval training.

2. Progress

Progress is very important. It is very nice to watch what we achieve. It is worth every workout log. I use Endomondo application (of course there is a lot of other applications to choose). You can recorded every activity and weight loss progress in it. You can always share your achievments to friends. What also motivates a lot.
I like to look at my progress in weight loss and beating my personal records.

3. Listening to music

When you listen to music training time passes much better – we can calm and relax a little. Properly chosen music also helps maintain proper stride frequency – that is, the number of steps that we make in a minute.
What is important, when you listen to the music you do not focus on fatigue, and you make training more efficient.

4. Let’s take a gift – the new equipment

New gadgets, new shoes, heart rate monitor, cool t-shirt every time strengthen our motivation. The new heart rate monitor allowed me to go to another level of training – I started to burn fat effectively.

5.Sport events – running competition

It is worth to sign up for a competition. There are many events – you can choose distance 3, 5, 7, 10 km, half marathons and marathons.
I participate in the competition just to overcome my weaknesses. Awareness of the upcoming events makes that I do nt leave the trainings, and my workouts are more intense than usual.

Motivation - medals for participation in events
Participation in events – good motivation

6. Awareness of health – we do not get sick

Frequent outdoor activities regardless of the weather improves not only our mental and physical condition, but also increases resistance to disease. Dressing appropriately for the weather tempers our body and mind.

7. Friends and colleagues – train together

A large part of people likes to train with the companions. Common outputs increase our motivation. But I will not tell a colleague that I do not have the strength to reach even the 200 meters :). Besides it is harder to refuse common activity to fellows than to myself.


Outdoor activities and above all running is good for our physical and mental condition. During the training we get rid of tension, stress, while also emits a large amount of endorphins – the hormone of happiness.
With running finally I feel good, I eat well and sleep good, what I wish you from the bottom of my heart.

3 thoughts on “Motivation for trainings – seven tips how to find it and keep it”

  1. Hi,

    recently I have finished my first marathon. I have been preparing for it for one year. I was very motivated to be well prepared. After it I had 2 weeks of break and I can’t find my motivation back ;-(
    I tried several technics, also listed in your post, but nothing works.
    Any other hints?


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