My first marathon is finished

… I had to mobilize myself and write a few words right after the marathon. However today I decided not to write a short note from the past event, but a much more to describe my preparations for debut on the “royal distance” and finally my course in this event.

Before first marathon - start pack received
Before first marathon – start pack received

Participation in the marathon is a real challenge. As I can remember, even at the beginning of the year I did not even dream that I would take part in such an event, and a year ago I swore that it was not for me, I was too old, and the maximum I was able to run was half marathon distance.

At the end of June this year, during one of the evening workouts I ran about 26 kilometers – then the run was quite nice and light. Those day I found out that the longer distance also is possible to run for me. I made a decision and started planning preparations for my first marathon. As you remember I even wrote about it this article.

Preparations for the first marathon – training plan

Right after the decision I created a training plan using the premium version of the popular application – Endomondo. From the present point of view, I can say that the 95% completion was enough to finish the “Royal distance” even at a decent time, as in the debut, which is 4 hours, 5 minutes and 53 seconds…
But to the point.

Due to the fact that for my first marathon there were only 3 months left, the plan was quite tight and required five training sessions during the week. After the first two weeks I wrote a short summary of that period, which you can find here.

In any case, my training plan was quite easy to build, and in each week I increased the length of distance:

On every Sunday – long runway – at the beginning 18 kilometers, at the end about 26 kilometers;

– Mondays – short regeneration run – from 4 to 7 kilometers;

– Tuesdays – as well as on Monday mornings with a distance of 5-6 kilometers;

Wednesdays – interval training, or running with a few passages, to improve oxygen performance of the body;

– Thursdays – average run – from 9 to 18 kilometers;

– Fridays – no there was no running (at that time I started to train for personal trainings);

– Saturdays – rest from training and maximum regeneration.

And it was plan for three months.

My first marathon training plan and my full sports activity
My first marathon is finished thanks to training plan and my full sports activity

In addition, on Fridays I attended (and still attend) training with a personal trainer from the club FITElite, with whom I worked and worked on the general strenght of the body and core muscles (thanks Paweł !!!)

During the three months of training I conducted the Cooper test twice, which is a test of 12 minutes (how long will you pass in 12 minutes)? Based on the results, Endomondo modified my training plan.

Determination, the key to success

I do not hide that not every week was in full accord with the plan – sometimes for professional reasons I had to let go of one of the trainings, and sometimes the training was transformed into a very long run – just like during my holiday in Amsterdam, during which I realized that my limitations They are only in my head (I invite you to this article here).

Summarized. Preparation in that short period of time, pursuing the goal forced me to pursue the plan without excuses and without giving up my training. I realized that the remission of a few days could cause my participation in the marathon to fail. What is important, my additional assumption was that I didn’t want to be completely exhausted after 42 kilometers and I would recover quite quickly. Finally the next Sunday I took part in a 10 km run “Run Warsaw”.

I cannot mention here the change of diet, especially in the last phase of the plan in the last two weeks. I started charging with carbohydrates so that my body would have as much glycogen (muscle fuel) as possible. As for dieting I would recommend professional articles and veteran tips available widely on the web.

My first marathon is finished

A few days before the PZU Warsaw Marathon I was a little stressed and excited. Despite reading countless guides and watching many videos on Youtube, I didn’t know what to expect. I just did not have any experience.

The day before I start I went to pick up my starter pack. By the way, at one of the shop I bought a set of energy nutrient – bars, energetic gels and nutrients. This package was designed to provide the right supply of energy and the necessary minerals for muscle work. Each item had to be eaten in specific time before the start of the run, during and behind the finish line.

Upon arriving and warming up, I went to the start zone. In the meantime I met a few colleagues. One of them supported the foundation caring for children. His action titled ” The “plush marathon” allowed to collect quite a decent amount. The atmosphere at the start was very hot. There was a huge excitement for the participants.

Before start - I met Peter who organized charity action for foundation
Before start – I met Peter who organized charity action for foundation

On this day the weather was not the most beautiful, and it was raining. One could say that the weather sucks, but from a running point of view, just that the weather was very good – it was not hot, so it was much harder to dehydrate.

Marathon in Endomondo
Marathon in Endomondo

The first stage of the run – the distance of the half marathon

The first ten kilometers after start line in Three Crosses Square was like warming up. I was thrilled. I hooked up to a pace pacemaker to finish the marathon in 3 hours and 55 minutes.

After 9 kilometers I passed my supporters family. Continue running through Wilanow passing my settlement somewhere at 12-13 km. About 14 kilometers I met a friend, marathon veteran. I ran with him to about 32 kilometer. The first half of course I ran very smoothly without feeling too much fatigue. I can say that my legs carry me.

The second stage – another kilometer

Up to 30 km I ran quite well. I was passing other nutritional points where I supplemented the fluids and consumed my energy gels. But after 30 km I began to feel pain in the upper thighs. The pain I felt was like my muscles swelled and started to restrict my movements. Totally breath / condition was all right, while the motion was starting to fail me.

Approximately after 32 kilometer, a colleague with whom I ran past 18 kilometers went on with my pace, and I had to slow down from 5:20 minutes / km to about 6 minutes / km.

With each another kilometer it was getting heavier – in about 36 km additionally I started to ache my legs in the area of hip joints and calves. The race became very difficult. Like veterans say – the last 10 kilometers run of head not body. Up to 40 kilometers I reached a pretty decent time, but then I had no chance to break the result of 4 hours.

The last two kilometers were a hell of a lot, my tempo was down to over 7minutes / km – I barely ran. I thought my legs would explode and I would fall. Fortunately, the last kilometer was a fan zone and people were very cheering the players. Thanks to doping m in. my family, who came to the finish, by force of will I ran to the finish. The feeling of relief and total exhaustion was interwoven with satisfaction. I did this and finished the marathon – with a good time as the debut – 4:05:53.

After finish line with my fan
After finish line with my fan

After the marathon

It is important to regenerate in a planned and effective manner after such effort. It is important not to stop moving. On the second day after the marathon I went for a short running workout. I was able to run only 4 kilometers. On Thursday I was on an open running workout with professional instructor, where I ran almost 7 km – where the training contained a number of technical elements. On the past Sunday I took part in a 10km run “Running Warsaw”, which I completed in 50 minutes and 22 seconds. After over a week after the marathon I feel great, preparing for new challenges – another obstacle course races. And the first one will be on the next Sunday …

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Opublikowany przez Run for Fitness Niedziela, 24 września 2017

Opublikowany przez Run for Fitness Niedziela, 24 września 2017

Opublikowany przez Run for Fitness Niedziela, 24 września 2017

Opublikowany przez Leszek Tejwan Niedziela, 24 września 2017

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