OCR gear – another Runmagerddon in Warsaw

After the last OCR gear – mountain Runmageddon, where I won the veteran title, I intensified my workouts before the next event that took place in late May 2017.

The site of the run was the area in Warsaw’s disctrict – Wawer. It was locate close to the Vistula river. My goal was Runmageddon Classic, whose route is nominally 12 km (in fact, the GPS showed over 14 km).

OCR gear obstacle
OCR gear obstacle

This time I ran in a double team (previously, in Myslenice we ran in three). Along with Konrad, with whom I also ran at previous events from this cycle, we set ourselves a point of honor to do the best result, which in a way we succeeded.

OCR gear – strat time

We started in the series at 12:45. Initially, the most trouble was for us to overtake other participants who ran at a lower pace than we did. At the first obstacle, the wall, we managed to overtake a dozen people. The wall was beaten at a very fast pace, and we were able to accelerate and run much faster.

Runmageddon - obstacle
Runmageddon – obstacle

The other obstacles were not very complicated and we had experienced how to pass them after  previous editions of Runmageddon. So we beat them smoothly and without any troubles. These were primarily walls, rope climbing, approach and descent on sandy hills. Little surprise was the “birth”, which in this edition was a triple version – means, we had to crawl under three rows of tires.


The weather was very good, so all water obstacles were unobtrusive, even pleasant – it was cool enough.

Water obstacle
Water obstacle

Good preparation is a key to sucess

For this edition I felt much better prepared than the mountain festival a month ago (how to prepare I wrote for instance in this article). We overcame all obstacles (except one to which there was a large queue and we did not want to waste time – so we made 20 penalty burpees). Obstacles that I have not been able to go through in previous editions, this time I went through, though with some great effort. It certainly helped here, apart from preparing the weather, as the obstacles quickly dried up in the sun and were not slippery.

Runmageddon - Indiana Jones
Runmageddon – Indiana Jones

Huge satisfaction made me jump on the rope called Indiana Jones. I have overcome the obstacle as never before – a far flight and landing quite close to the exit of the pond.

Runmageddon - Indiana Jones - landing
Runmageddon – Indiana Jones – landing


Runmageddon - before finish line
Runmageddon – before finish line

We ended up running in the first 10% (general) – which compared to previous editions, where we ended in midpoint, is a great result. In addition, I was classified as a senior in 13th place (over 40 years old).


Runmageddon Kids


At the same time children’s run “Runmageddon-Kids” took place. My son participated in one of the series.

He got caught up in this form of competition very much after the last mountain festival in Myślenice.


In conclusion, the event was well organized and prepared. The water barriers were surrounded by WOPR Rescuers (located in the Vistula river). Rest of obstacles were under the control of volunteers. And of course It was beautiful weather.

I am looking forward to another event. I’m sure I will prepare even better than before. Finally I encourage everyone who has started to get bored of street racing and who want to check out.

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