Open training – run and crossfit

Open training – run and crossfit Last Sunday I took part in an open training session organised by the Spartan Race Training Group in Warsaw, Poland. The workout took place in Warsaw in the Szczesliwice Park where is the location of Crossfit Ochota Club. For me it was a very heavy training, but in a great atmosphere. Open training – […]

Runmageddon Veteran 2017 – mountain triple challege

Runmageddon Veteran, triple mountain challenge in 2017 At the end of April 2017, the Mountain Runmageddon edition took place in Myslenice near Cracow. To remind you, Runmageddon is a cross-country event where participants cross the route with numerous obstacles. Obstacles are not easy – they require some physical mortar, and often their passage must be […]

My first Runmageddon – challenge time

My first Runmageddon Last Saturday (01/21/2017) I took part in Runmageddon – the off-road obstacle course. By subscribing to this sporting event, I did not think that it can bring so much fun and positive energy. But from the beginning. My first Runmageddon – before competition On Saturday morning I woke up quite early and […]

Runmageddon competition – new challenge

Runmageddon competition – new challenge. Recently I signed up for the run with obstacles. This Run, due to its specific character called Runmageddon. The event, in which I will take part will take place on 21 January 2017 near Warsaw. What is Runmageddon? This is a race known as hell run. During it the players must overcome […]

Independence Day Run

Independence Day Run Polish Independence Day is a national holiday in Poland. We celebrate it every year on November 11 to commemorate Poland regained independence in 1918. Poland regained freedom and independence after 123 years of occupation (1795-1918).  Country was devided by three countries: Prussia, Russia and Austria. More about it you can find on Wikipedia. Independence […]

Monthly training overview – October 2016

Monthly training overview – October 2016 Hello. Each month is different for a person who wants to start running/walking or already has trained some workouts. Currently, Autumn has arrived, it got cold and rainy. For this reason it is very easy to catch cold. In Autumn and Winter is the hardest time to self-motivation. The […]

Motivation for trainings – seven tips how to find it and keep it

Motivation for trainings – seven tips how to find it and keep it How do I motivate? If you start something, do you have enough power and motivation do do it? Or maybe you have no power to start at all ? If so, then I think this article below can help you. It applies to running, but certainly these councils could […]