Runmageddon competition – new challenge.

Recently I signed up for the run with obstacles. This Run, due to its specific character called Runmageddon. The event, in which I will take part will take place on 21 January 2017 near Warsaw.

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What is Runmageddon?

This is a race known as hell run. During it the players must overcome extremely difficult obstacles, and also cooperate with each other. This is a form of cross-country competition, which is to as fast as possible running for designated distance and overcome difficult obstacles on the road.

Runmageddon vs normal street run

From a simple street run, Runmageddon differs in that the route is strewn with obstacles that can not be worked around. It is therefore necessary crawling in the mud, jumping, climbing the inclined cable over the water, poring through the thick smoke, climb onto the huge ice cubes and the walls and passing under suspended low over the ground wire entanglements.


Runmageddon organizers make every effort to overcome the obstacles set provided the truly hellish experience. And since the first edition in fact they are successful, because the vast majority of players falls into the finish run exhausted, but happy. This type of competition announces end of an era of boring street racing, offering its participants with extreme impressions. This event focused on fun, where the pretext is exercise and competition for the title of toughest player.

Runmageddon – who involve in it?

This is a perfect choice for runners bored street racing, as well as fans of good fun. For each edition of the competition organizers are preparing interesting obstacles.

Participants of hell run asked about their motivation to take part in extreme races, usually indicate the need for lifestyle changes, the pursuit of self-fulfillment and willingness to do things different from the routine, breaking the boredom. Strong interest in the start in it confirms that women and men want to spend their

free time in an active way, which will help them to grow or simply have fun. (Source:

The competition is devided to several degrees of difficulty. From the simplest called “The Recruit”, the heaviest known as “Hardcore”.

For me it is the beginning and the first attempt, so at the beginning I will take part in Runmageddon-Recruit. The run is 6 km and contains approximately 30 obstacles along the way. For this I do not know what to expect, because it is winter edition – will surely be cold and hard.

Runmageddon obstacle
Runmageddon obstacle

Next time I will write some words about my run in this event, however please comment and give your oppinion about such race.


(Pictures comes from runmageddon site)


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