Runmageddon Veteran, triple mountain challenge in 2017

At the end of April 2017, the Mountain Runmageddon edition took place in Myslenice near Cracow. To remind you, Runmageddon is a cross-country event where participants cross the route with numerous obstacles. Obstacles are not easy – they require some physical mortar, and often their passage must be with the help of other people – only the most athletic people can overcome the most difficult obstacles without any help.

Runmageddon Hardcore 2017
Runmageddon Hardcore 2017
Runmageddon Hardcore 2017
Runmageddon Hardcore 2017

In this extended weekend there was a series of events of varying degrees of difficulty. 29th April Runamgeddon Classic was held – a race with a theoretical length of 12 kilometers and 50 obstacles. In fact, the path were longer – according to GPS this race was on the route about 16 kilometers (15.44 km).

On the second day – April 30th – there was Runmageddon Recruit. Race for beginners – 6 kilometers (in fact about 8 km) and 30 obstacles.

On the third day – May 01 – there was the hardest run – Runmageddon Hardcore – 21 kilometers and 70 obstacles (in practice about 26 kilometers).

At the suggestion of my colleague Konrad, I applied for all three gears. We managed to finish all of them. We run in a team – Konrad, Andrzej and myself.

Runmageddon Veteran – what is it?

Runmageddon Veteran 2017Runmageddon Veteran 2017 – LeszekA veteran is the title given to a person who has completed three runs, from Recruiting to Hardcore in one calendar year. We won the veteran title in one weekend.

Runmageddon Veteran 2017 - Andrzej, Konrad

How the event looked like?

Before we came to Myślenice, there were terrible rain time in this region – in the course of one day so much rain fell over the whole month. As a result, the trails were totally full of mud, and the mountain rivers through which we crossed, were swollen and rushing.

Our adventure started with Classic. We started with a heavy sack on the back. Me passed few first obstacles and after a while we began to climb up. For another few dozen minutes we walked up the muddy path higher and higher. After crossing a few obstacles, we reached the undergrowth under which we were about to crawl – mud and stones we covered several dozen meters. I do not have to say how our knees looked like after that. Then there was another heavy obstacle – we had to take the wooden beam and climb up the hill and descend down on the quite high ski slope. The entrance and descent was not easy because it was muddy. It was slippery and at any moment it was possible to overturn.

Runmageddon Hardcore 2017 porodówka
Runmageddon Hardcore 2017 porodówka

Then it was easier – the next stage was in the forest – once in the muddy path, once in a deep – mountain river with icy water of about 0 degrees Celsius. Other obstacles were typical of the Runmageddon – apart from natural obstacles, there were several walls like an Indiana Jones, an iceberg, a spider web and a slider – where the exit ended in a dugout with water. Finish was in the “Runmageddon town”. The last was a living obstacle, after defeating which we went to the finish. All our crossing lasted about 4 hours and 20 minutes.

After the first day

Runmageddon Hardcore 2017
Runmageddon Hardcore 2017

The next day was the Recruit – it was much easier, because beyond the shorter route, the paths were not so much softer – a little dry. During this run Andrzej caught a light knee injury, but despite this, we finished the race without any problems, treating him as a regeneration before the next day.

Hardcore was our biggest challenge this weekend. The tour was much longer and the organizer gave us about 70 obstacles. That day the weather was fine, it was very nice, and the trails were much drier than the first and second day. We completed Hardcore in 6 hours and 45 minutes and we get the title Veteran.
Runmageddon Hardcore -the winners:)

Runmageddon Hardcore - winners
Runmageddon_Hardcore – the winners 🙂

Runmageddon Kids


In addition to the adult event, Runmageddon for Kids was also run for children. My son, after participating in his first appearance, got so caught up that we had to report him to the next race that took place the next day. After that he announced that he would now want to participate in all possible Runmageddon for kids.



In conclusion, it was a great event and very well organized and the conditions were rather difficult. Getting a veteran title in 3 days was a real challenge for me and it was a great satisfaction. According to the organizer, of the 4,500 people participating in the competition. Only 50 have applied for three gigs during the event – which adds even more pride.

Soon there will be another event, this time in Warsaw – we will run Runmageddon Classic, but I will write about it in the future

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